What a Sales Executive Has To Say…


Overall I was very pleased with the sales training, and I felt like I learned more information that will get me to where I would like to be. A lot of the information you provided made me realize that I am doing a lot of these things without having training on doing them. Having a name and more information for them was reassuring that I was on the right track with my sales practices.

Our company is going to use the letters strategy to better reach our perspective clients. We have tailored them to fit our company image and how we would like to be seen as with our clients.

After doing the 8 weeks I feel as if I have someone I can contact at any time and talk to them about sales or anything that is going on. I’m not sure how many of the people you train walk away with having a solid connection as I have.

You said that I was stuck with you, but it may be the other way around. I will continue to reach out and see what else I can gather from your experience.

I will leave you with this. Thank you sir for your time and energy to work with someone you didn’t know. I understand this is your job, but I’m sure there are more lucrative opportunities than working with a single sales person. So thank you for taking the time anyway. I know you tell most of your people you train that they are high level sales people and that they are rock stars, but I hope that I genuinely fall in those categories in your mind. It is not often that people my age get the opportunity to work with people who have been at the top of their given field. You will have to be my Derek Jeter, and that in itself will give me motivation to surpass what you were able to achieve

Best wishes,

Sales Accounts Executive

TriTech Corporation of America

What a Sales Executive Has To Say…

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